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Awards & Honors


Degree track and faculty advisers in parenthesis

Jennifer Gardner (BS), Kale Bentley (MS, Schindler), Emma Hodgson (MS, Essington), Mackenzie Gavery (PhD, Roberts), and Andrew Scheld (PhD, Anderson C) were given SAFS Faculty Merit Awards for 2014. This award annually recognizes outstanding efforts by students who have achieved high scholastic standing in the program.

Halley Froehlich, (PhD, Essington) netted a Research Scholarship from the Northwest Scientific Association.

Andrea Odell (BS) was awarded a College of Environment Scholarship.

Charles Waters (MS, Naish) and Meryl Mims (PhD, Olden) obtained Hall Conservation Genetics Research Awards to work on student-directed projects.

Burlyn Birkemeier (BS) and Andrea Odell (BS) are recipients of the Del Rio Endowed Scholarship from the College of the Environment. This scholarship aims to promote academic success and graduation for under-represented ethnic minorities, economically disadvantaged, and first generation college students at the University of Washington.

Lilia Bannister (BS) was awarded a Nancy Wilcox Endowed Scholarship from the College of the Environment.

Jeffrey Baldock (BS) obtained a Mary Gates Research Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to enhance the educational experiences of undergraduate students at the University of Washington while they are engaged in research guided by faculty.

Kalloway Page (BS), Daniel Geldof (BS), Zachary Houghtaling (BS), and Nirupam Nigam (BS) all obtained Campbell–Donaldson Scholarships in Ocean and Fishery Sciences from the College of the Environment.