SCCL Celebrates with End of Year Party

Posted by Daniel Perry on June 20, 2014

SCC lab members, families, and friends enjoyed food, drink, and good company at a potluck at Lab Director Dr. Cecilia Aragon’s house this past week.  Grilled meats, salmon, and veggie dishes made for a delicious way to celebrate another successful year, and we noshed with views of Lake Washington in the background.  Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible!


Daniel Perry Receives UW Presidential Dissertation Fellowship

Posted by Daniel Perry on June 06, 2014

HCDE PhD student and SCC lab member Daniel Perry has been awarded a UW Graduate School Presidential Dissertation Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year. The Graduate School Presidential Dissertation award was established with support of the University President and assists PhD candidates in the final stages of completing their dissertations. He is the first HCDE student to receive the award.

Perry’s dissertation examines how game-based learning experiences vary based on the specific perceptual, affective, and computational capacities of each learner. His research builds upon a co-design process and studies he conducted with high school students as he developed the game MAX5, a computer game where players use bioinformatics tools to stop a lethal influenza outbreak in the game. He hopes that his research will be of use to other game designers and educators who want to broaden participation to reach diverse types of learners. Perry is advised by SCC Lab Director Dr. Cecilia Aragon.


Lab Members’ Paper on Visual Analytics Tool Accepted to CDVE 2014

Posted by Daniel Perry on June 05, 2014

A paper on “Collaborative Visual Analysis of Sentiment in Twitter Events” by SCCL members Michael Brooks, John Robinson, Megan Torkildson, Ray Hong, and Cecilia Aragon has been accepted to CDVE 2014, the 11th International Conference on Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering. This paper presents research on Agave, a web-based visual analytics tool for collaborative exploration of large tweet data sets. Click here for more information about Agave. The conference will be held September 14-17, 2014, in Seattle, WA.

Robinson & Torkildson Win Capstone Design Award

Posted by Daniel Perry on April 28, 2014

SCC Lab members and HCDE undergraduates John Robinson and Megan Torkildson recently won the College of Engineering’s Capstone Design Award. Their group is conducting a series of interviews and contextual inquiries with emergency responders to better understand their processes and information needs. The goal of the project is to prototype a tool to utilize social media to provide situational awareness. They plan on implementing a prototype tool or visualization that fulfills emergency responders’ needs and would integrate well into their current workflow.

The Engineering Capstone Design Award was created to support student teams across the College of Engineering working on capstone design projects. Teams are awarded $3,000 for materials or training relevant to their Capstone project. Further information about the award can be found on the HCDE blog.