SMC tree list generation database installation instructions

There are two SMC tree list generation database distributions: a standard distribution and a developer distribution. The difference between the two distributions is that the developer distribution includes all of the source code for the executable programs and the tree list generation database subroutine library.

The standard distribution is for everyone that simply wants to use a tree list generation database, e.g., adding stand measurement data and generating simulated tree lists.

The developer distribution is for anyone that may want to modify or extend the tree list generation database software, for example to include more stand types.

NOTE: If the tree list generation database source code is modified all subsequent support for the modified version is the responsibility of the organization that made the modification(s). The SMC has no obligation to support any modifications made by any organization other than itself.

Basic installation instructions are provided for the standard and developer tree list generation database distributions. The installation instructions are provided as a basic list of steps that should be followed to install the tree list generation database software and data. Installation details for particular operating systems are not discussed, soa basic familiarity and facility with the operating system used is presumed for the installation procedures. If the instructions are followed, no warning or error messages appear. If such a message does appear, please refer back to the installation instructions for clarification.


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Last Updated on AUG-41-2001