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The SMC tree list generation database (TLGDB) consists of a Fortran 90/95 subroutine library, eight executable programs, based on the subroutine library, which access and manipulate a tree list generation database, and a specialized database containing actual stand measurement data. The stand measurement data consist of actual tree lists, commensurate measurements of diameter at breast height (DBH) and height, with an indication of tree species. The actual stand measurement data in a tree list generation database are used with a nearest neighbor stand selection procedure and a multidimensional histogram based stand classification procedure to generate simulated tree lists from a small set of stand attributes, e.g., site index, trees per unit area (acre or hectare), quadratic mean diameter (QMD), and stand type (pure Douglas-fir, pure western hemlock, etc.).

The SMC tree list generation database was conceived, designed, and implemented by Kevin R. Gehringer and Eric C. Turnblom at the University of Washington, and was funded by the SMC.


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