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Winter 2012 - Summer 2012

Director's Notes

Director Christopher Ozubko; photo by Doug ManelskiAs you read these notes, we will be nearing completion of Winter Quarter and looking forward to the academic homestretch of Spring Quarter. All of higher education is in flux. Here, we address this constant state of change by offering our students sets of skills, experiences, and a quality of thinking and creating that ...
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An Artist Supporting Art+Design Students

William Ingham in his studioWilliam Ingham is an alumnus of the School of Art and a successful painter, but his accomplishments have not caused him to forget what it was like to be an art student. He knows students are in school to learn how to make artistic visions become reality, and he wants to support that process.
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Residency Challenges

Timea Tihanyi at KohlerMany artists would not be interested in a residency where the studio is in the corner of a hot, noisy, dusty factory floor. However, two School of Art faculty were eager for the opportunity, which benefited them and, ultimately, their students.
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Crafting a Connoisseur

Levi HiggsLevi Higgs is an honors student and a student leader in the School of Art. How did a young man who grew up in Wyoming come to the University of Washington to study art history and discover his true passion while in Rome?
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