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The School of Art would like to recognize and thank our donors. Private support from our alumni and friends enables us to sustain our current activities. Your valuable gifts directly benefit our students, individual programs, and general operations. We greatly appreciate your support of the arts!

Benefactor: $10,000 +
Patron: $1,000 – $9,999
Friend: $1 – $999

Mr. John Barratt
The Boeing Company
Mr. and Mrs. Cheney Cowles
Crabby Beach Foundation
Mr. David Roberts and Mr. Dondi Cupp
Ms. Jennifer R. Dominguez
The Greenberg Foundation
Mr. D. Greenberg and Ms. S. Steinhauser
Mr. Drew Hamlin
Gretchen Hundertmark
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Ingham
Intel Corporation
Jo Ann and Theodore Jonson
Layne and Jack Kleinart
Drs. Linda Knight Quan and Jonathan Knight
Ms. April Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Latham
Drs. Linda LeResche and Michael Von Korff
George M. Martin, M.D.
Ms. Mary Kay McCaw
Keith and Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Alison and Glen Milliman
Mr. Daniel R. Neish and Mr. Richard Sipe
Mr. Mark Nickerson and Ms. Kiiko Kasahara
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gerald Nordberg
The Norcliffe Foundation
Prof. and Mrs. Christopher L. Ozubko
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Pruzan
The Pruzan Foundation
Seattle Art Museum
Prof. and Mrs. Akio Takamori
Teague Associates, Inc.
Ms. Anne Traver and Mr. Henry M. Aronson
Prof. M. Patricia Warashina
Mrs. Patricia M. Young

Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Kristian W. Anderson
Shirley Baskin Foundation
Beatrice Nowogroski Trust
Mr. Greg Bell
Benton and Bray, P.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Berkman
Ms. Janice Slonecker Berman
Ms. Wilma Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Bray
Ms. Jill Brazier
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Briggs
Ms. Michelle Bufano
Mr. John F. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Caffery
Mr. John Cardinali
Mr. Andrew G.Carson and Ms. Shelly Corbett
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. Charles
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Charneski
Mr. Rakesh Chauhan and Ms. Sheila Wiley
Ms. Marian T. Childs
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Clark
Ms. Tamara Cordor
Mr. Mark Malone and Ms. Joan DeClaire
Mr. and Mrs. James T. DeClaire
Mr. James W. Donnen
Mr. and Ms. Jerry Douglass
Dr. P. J. Earenfight and Ms. N. J. Siegel
Ms. Lauren E. Easterling
Ms. Gretchen M. Enders
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Epstein
Mr. Dennis Evans and Ms. Nancy Mee
Ms. Shirley Baskin Familian
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Felton, Jr.
The Rev. William Forbes
Ms. Fredericka S. Foster
Ms. Kaylin A. Francis
Ms. Sharon F. Frucci and Mr. Max Auguste
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gelon
Mr. and Ms. David T. Hale
HKP Architects, LLP
Mr. Edward L. Hunt
Mr. Rock L. Hushka
John R. Cardinall, Psyd, PS
Ms. Anna D. Kartsonis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kass
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Nicole Klein
Ms. Susan S. P. Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Lybecker
Ms. Susan Marten
Lynn T. McAllister, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. George L. McCain
Ms. Pipena J. K. Mercouriadis
Mr. Kent Mettler and Ms. Tricia Tiano
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Meyers
Ms. Elizabeth Hannah Meyers
Mr. and Ms. Robert W. Milnes
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morgan
Mr. James M. Neff
Ms. Mary A. Nicholson
Mrs. Beatrice H. Nowogroski
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Patrick
Ms. Beverly D. Pelech
Ms. Mary Ann Ray
Red Square LLC
Ms. Lisa K. Rickey
Ms. Leslie Rosenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Rowen
Ms. Joyce S. Scoll
Mr. Robert Shavin
Ms. Joan D. Simpson
Society for Asian Art
Stephen Hunt Taplin, M.D.
Pablo Schugurensky and Renata Tatman
Time Warner, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Twiss
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Vail
Ms. Julie Van Tosh
Velveteen Rabbet
Mr. Patrick Walker and Ms. Janet Charnley
Jerry W. Watt and Vreni Von Arx
Ms. Peggy Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Valentine S. Welman
Ms. Amy K. Whaley
Mr. and Mrs. Andro B. Wipplinger
Ms. Sylvia Wolf and Mr. Duane Schuler
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Wynn
Ms. Ei Yamamoto
Z & Z Art, LLC
Ms. Nina Zingale and Mr. Meyer

Ms. Charline Adams Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Adman
Mr. and Mrs. Manie Akrish
Ms. Ariadne E. G. Albright
Ms. Jean L. Alexander
Alida Anderson Art Projects
Ms. Barbara L. Allan
Ms. Ruth Metzger Andersen
Ms. Dianne R. Anderson
Ms. Susan M. Babcock
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Baltin
Ms. Michalina M. Banel
Mr. David V. Bark
Ms. Catherine C. Bath
Ms. Barbara H. Berger
Ms. Pamela D. Beyette
Ms. Judith M. Bezy
Ms. Frances K. Blumhagen
Mr. Robert Blumhagen
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Brandauer
Ms. Kimberlee P. Brillhart
Ms. Christina M. Brown
Ms. Pamela L. Buesing
Mr. and Mrs. Edwyn J. Buzard, III
Mr. Donald J. Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Cantu
Ms. Teri L. Capp
Ms. Angela L. Carbonatto
Ms. Nancy Carol
Mr. Byron L. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Preston S. Chase
Ann-Tin Cheng
Mr. C. R. Chin and Ms. S. A. Chew
Mr. Herman Wu Chin
Ms. Susan J. Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Clark
Ms. Norma L. Clark
Davis Enterprises
Ms. Diane C. Davis
Ms. Susan H. Davis
Mr. Davis and Ms. Davis Heggem
Mrs. Connie Dodhia
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dollard
Ms. Rachel D. Dory
Ms. Kyle Doughty-Higgins and Mr. C.Higgins
Ms. Ann Susan Espo
Mr. James McCarthy and Ms. Carla Firey
Ms. Linda M. Foard
Form / Space Atelier
Ms. Marietta Stark Foubert
Mr. Paul A. Fredrickson
Mr. Geo Lastomirsky and Ms. Martha Fulton
Ms. D. Gawle-Partovi and Mr. S. Partovi
Ms. Suellen M. Genty and Mr. Craig Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Glaser
Ms. Betha L. Gutsche
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Habbestad
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad L. Hall
Ms. Marianne Hanson
Mr. Philip E. Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hawking
Ms. Jessie W. Hedden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Heipp
Mr. and Mrs. Loren A. Hickman
Mr. David J. I. Hose
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie P. Hughes
Ms. Mileva L. Huljev
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Iguchi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Jeszeck
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lynn Jones
Ms. E. Mary Kawaguchi
Mr. and Ms. Paul Dennis Keck
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Kimmerer
Katheryn H. and Chapin K. Krafft
Ms. Debbie L. Kuan
Mr. and Mrs. Pan Fu Lai
Ms. Yi-Ju Lai
Ms. Monica K. Lau
Ms. Joanna Marie Lepore
Dave Salzer and Elinor Lindquist
Mr. Jay M. Linwick
Ms. Weishung Liu
Mr. Chuck Lopez
Mr. John W. Lovick
Ms. Leslie Lovick
Mr. Charles S. Lund
Ms. Leslie C. MacNeil
Ms. Cassiana I. Magill
Ms. Allison R. Manch
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Markee
Ms. Carolina F. Mello-E-Souza
Mr. Mark Moffet
Mr. Robert L. Mortenson
Elizabeth C. Neaville
Ms. Nancy W. Ng
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Nicholson
Mr. Michael S. Nomura
Mr. Robert A. W. O’Connell
Ms. Ann O. O’Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie H. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. R. Kaare Papenfuse
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Perez
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Pfeifer
Ms. Patricia Pinkham
Ms. Joanne K. Powell
Mr. Timothy Eugene Purtill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quimby
Ms. Rita Marie Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Rasmussen
Mr. and Ms. Richard A. Reusser
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Rhoades
Ms. Paula A. Richards
Ms. April Rachell Roberts
Prof. and Mrs. Richard M. Rose
T. Scheumann
Ms. Christina G. Shih
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Simpson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Siu
Mr. Earl A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie F. Snapp
Mr. A. Vinikoor and Mrs. Souriano-Vinikoor
Mrs. Kristin D. Spanton
Mr. W. C. Twig Mills and Ms. A. C. Stamey
Mr. Raimonds Staprans
Mr. Jean-Marcus Strole
Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Suzuki
Ms. Claire Tangvald
Mr. Jens N. Thomassen
Mr. Richard R. Townsend
Mr. Bruce L. Turcott
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. E. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Y. Uhm
Mr. and Mrs. Willem A. Volkersz
Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Vornbrock
Ms. Kelly Michele Walker
Ms. Bernice O. Walsh
Mr. Jason Weber
Dr. Robert and Joan Weis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. W. Loren Williams
Mr. Wilbur J. Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Wulf
Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Youatt
Ms. Lindsey Yuen
Ms. Reta Shipek and Mr. Michael Zassenhaus

*Donations are for 01 January 2011 through 31 December 2011.

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