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Media Literacy 101: Topics to Explore Category

The brief selections included in this section are intended to provide both insight and inspiration, together with some quick overviews for ready reference.

Instructional Materials

Media Performance Across the Curriculum
For those who would like an alternative to the essay, this list provides almost 200 other formats and media for student reporting.

You Need A Conceptual Framework
Questions to ask about media texts are given to aid in this crucial first step for those teaching media literacy.

20 Important Reasons to Study the Media
Not that anyone ever needed a reason, but a list of 20 is provided to remind teachers and students alike of the importance of media education.

Media Education: 18 Basic Principles
Created by one of the leading thinkers in international media education, Len Masterman.

Suggestions for Incorporating the Study of Media into the Content Areas
Activity suggestions for teachers who want to incorporate media education into curricula for science, history, fine arts, language arts, careers, mathematics, and health / fitness.

How Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking Connects to Content Area EALRs
For instructors using Chris M. Worsnop's manual, Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking, connections to content-area EALRS are provided.


Media Literacy 101 Using Sex to Sell Talking About Abstinence Reducing Risks Reading Media Be the Judge Producing Media
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