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Reducing Risks: Topics to Explore Category

Lessons, activities, video clips featuring adult experts, and audio clips featuring teen parents are provided here.


The Challenges of Adolescent Parenthood
Youth role-play varying scenarios that highlight the challenges of adolescent parenthood. Emphasis is placed on an increased understanding and motivation to postpone parenthood beyond the teen years.

Making Healthy Decisions
After hearing the steps involved in making healthy decisions, participants role-play in order to practice the technique in a variety of scenarios that highlight potentially pressured sexual situations.

Parenting Job Description
After reviewing a list of positive parenting qualities, participants develop their own parenting job description and job interview questions. Youth then justify their selection of specific parenting criteria.

TV Myths vs. Real-Life Pregnancy
Participants discuss several myths about pregnancy perpetuated by the media, recalling examples from recent TV shows. After each myth is illustrated, youth examine the facts of real teen pregnancies.


Teen Pregnancy Here On The Home Front
Participants gather statistics and facts about pregnancy in their local district, county, and state. If planning a teen pregnancy prevention campaign, this research will help youth determine their target audience.

Pregnancy Prevention Song, Poem or Rap
After deconstructing a favorite song, poem, or rap by identifying its message and target audience, youth write their own lyrics based on their teen pregnancy prevention message.

Get Those Facts: Itís Time For Your Interview
In preparation for a teen pregnancy prevention campaign, participants are asked to establish personal criteria for selecting facts on teen pregnancy to present in a short interview.

Truth or Consequences of Teen Pregnancy: The Facts
Participants gather factual information about teen pregnancy and develop a quiz for their peers.

From teenpregnancy.org: Fathers Too Soon / Mothers Too Soon
Participants explore the daily physical and emotional consequences of teen parenting by watching and listening to the personal accounts in these two videos from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

For More On Pregnancy, See:

Where The Heart Is
After viewing the film, Where the Heart Is, participants discuss how sexual relationships, pregnancy, and child rearing are portrayed.

Examining Pregnancy Prevention Ads
After reviewing the definition of social marketing and examples of existing campaigns, students examine pregnancy prevention ads produced by a professional social marketing campaign, and by students. Media messages and techniques used to influence the behavior of teens in order to prevent pregnancy are examined.

Riding in Cars with Boys: the Lasting Impact of Personal Choice
After viewing this film about an aspiring writer whose life is derailed by an unexpected pregnancy, participants brainstorm what could have happened to the main character if she had chosen differently at several moments in the film.

Feature Article: Focus On Teen Parent
To explore how humanizing important issues can help reach an audience, participants write two different feature articles about a teen parent in the community that use the same facts, but tell different stories.

Social Marketing Campaigns We Know: National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
After exploring the dynamic, multi-media site at teenpregnancy.org, youth discuss their responses to featured radio PSAs, video clips, and other campaign materials. Participants then explore, examine, and analyze the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy materials, and write a script for their own PSA advertising the event.

Not What You Imagine: Life as a Teen Parent
After viewing video clips about the daily sacrifices, hard work, and exhaustion that make up the average day in the life of a teen parent, participants brainstorm ways in which their own lives would change if they became teen parents.

Teen Pregnancy Feature
After examining the ways in which feature articles are presented in popular magazines, participants evaluate the presentation of teen pregnancy in an existing feature article.


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