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Reducing Risks: Topics to Explore

Teachers and other adults using Reducing Risks will often come here after having told youth that their task is to produce a piece of media or an entire media campaign to convince their peers that abstinence is the most reliable way of avoiding risks. These lessons and activities, are designed to introduce critical information and encourage reflection about the importance of the issues being raised.

Lessons, activities, video clips featuring adult experts, and audio clips featuring teen parents are provided here.

Lessons, activities, video clips featuring teens and adult experts, and a graphic PowerPoint presentation are included.

Harrassment / Violence
Lessons, activities, video clips of adult experts, and audio clips of teens speaking openly can be used to raise sensitive issues around these important subjects.

Substance Abuse
Lessons and activities are provided to examine the relationship between substance abuse and hish risk sexual behaviors.

Media Literacy 101 Using Sex to Sell Talking About Abstinence Reducing Risks Reading Media Be the Judge Producing Media
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