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Reducing Risks: Topics to Explore Category
Harassment / Violence

Lessons, activities, video clips of adult experts, and audio clips of teens speaking openly can be used to raise sensitive issues around these important subjects.


Healthy / Unhealthy Relationships: “Maria Wears My Jacket”
Through story analysis, participants use their critical thinking skills to look at an unhealthy relationship and examine the power and control elements of abuse at work.

Healthy / Unhealthy Relationships: Agree or Disagree
Participants are asked to agree or disagree with a list of relationship statements. Qualities youth may find admirable in a potential partner are discussed, as well as the warning signs and dynamics of abusive relationships.

Date Rape / Acquaintance Rape
After viewing and discussing video clips of Health Coordinator Denise Sharify commenting on societal causes of date rape, participants work in groups to design and create posters that help reduce the risk of date rape amongst teens by challenging the sexual stereotypes that leave them vulnerable.


Resources in Your Pocket
Participants construct a pocket card for teens that lists community resources for those seeking advice, information, or support.

Cross the Line
By playing a game that asks them to evaluate specific statements, youth work to define sexual violence, and reflect on its meaning.

Get to Know Your Sexual Violence Terminology
Participants create and exchange word jumbles to increase their familiarity with terms regarding sexual assault, abuse, and dating violence. Youth then watch a TV crime drama, noting when characters use related terminology.

What is Sexual Violence?
Youth view a video clip of a Health Coordinator Denise Sharify discussing the meaning of sexual violence, then work to define the term through guided discussion.

Design Your Own Date Rape Drug Detection Coaster
Youth design their own coasters, modeled after Drink Safe Technologies’ award winning invention that can detect the presence of a date-rape drug in any kind of drink.

Be an Ally
Youth define what it means to be an ally to LGBT youth, then brainstorm ways to start or participate in a GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance).

Research Project: Harassment
Participants explore the history of sexual harassment law, contemporary definitions of harassment, and ways to address major concerns about sexual harassment in their school or community.

Safety Tips for a Date
After discussing ideas about how teens can date safely, participants design and create their own brochures to educate their peers.

For More On Harassment / Violence, See:

Sexual Violence in Ads
Participants explore the ways advertisers use sexual violence imagery to sell products, identify sexual violence themes in images that do not show actual violence, and discuss the possible effects of such imagery on individuls and society.

What is a Healthy Relationship? Part 1
Participants begin by brainstorming definitions and examples of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, then view and discuss a video clip about how teens define these concepts.

What is a Healthy Relationship? Part 2
Participants view a video clip of teens talking about relationships, then recall scenarios from the media that illustrate how a relationship can change over time.

Defining Consent and Saying No
Participants examine the meaning of consent as an active, non-binding, informed agreement, reached without coercion or manipulation. Youth perform skits that illustrate the idea that silence/passivity is not the same as giving consent.


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