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Reducing Risks: Topics to Explore Category
Substance Abuse

Lessons and activities are provided to examine the relationship between substance abuse and hish risk sexual behaviors.


Alcohol, Dating and Sex on Reality TV
Through examination and discussion of relationship-oriented reality shows on TV, participants will explore the ways alcohol is used in—and linked to—sexual and dating situations.

Alcohol, Popularity and Dating/Sex in Advertising
Participants explore the ways advertisers sell alcohol by linking it to ideas about popularity, dating and sex.

Alcohol, Drugs, Sex and “Glamorous” Lifestyles in Popular Music
Through examination and discussion of song lyrics, participants will explore the ways some songs link ideas about alcohol and/or drugs to sex and to ideas about “glamorous” lifestyles.


What Alcohol Ads Don’t Show
To better understand the risks of using alcohol in social, dating or sexual situations, participants create stories that suppose “what might happen next” for characters in alcohol ads that use sexual imagery.

Creating Counter Ads for Alcohol Ads with Sexual Messages
After learning the facts about the risks of alcohol, participants create counter messages/images to those used in an ad for an alcoholic product.

Telling Teens About Alcohol Risks
After learning the facts about alcohol risks, including those related to sexual behaviors, participants create ads to educate their peers.

Teens Do Drugs, Adults Go to Rehab: Substance Abuse in Prime Time
Participants discuss two possible outcomes for teen TV characters who use drugs or alcohol: rehabilitation and recovery or premature death.

Controversial Anti-Drug Commercials
After viewing two video PSAs from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, participants discuss the connection between drug use and sexual behavior, and question the connection between impaired judgment and violation of consent.


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