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Reading Media: Topics to Explore Category

Lessons and activities encourage critical viewing of video games and evaluation of the sexual messages being conveyed. Themes include: body image "norms," advice columns, the social function of gossip.


Looking for Ethnic Minority Models
Designed to increase awareness of the lack of diversity among magazine models, this activity requires youth to flip through popular magazines and record their observations.

Sexy Ads and Their Communication Objectives
Participants examine and discuss a selection of magazine ads that use sexual themes as part of their communication objectives.

Sexy Subjects
Participants examine editorial content, ads, and cover images with sexual themes, then discuss the prevalence of using sexy images and slogans.

In the Magazine Aisle
Participants browse a magazine aisle at their local supermarket or newsstand, and record their observations of the covers. Photographed subjects, use of color and object are discussed in regard to how they capture the attention of prospective buyers.

Mixed Messages
Participants examine a variety of magazines, concentrating on how the placement of articles and ads often send contradictory messages about behavior and consumerism.

A Little Advice…
Participants examine magazine articles offering advice on relationships, love and self-improvement, then write an article with an alternate focus.

Men’s Magazines
Participants analyze the content of magazines targeting male audiences.

Target Audiences of Magazines
After discussing target audiences for women’s magazines, participants select other magazines and examine both ads and editorial content to determine their target audiences.

Taking Out Magazine Ads
After removing the advertising content of a popular magazine, participants analyze remaining content, ad placement, and tie-ins with editorial content.

Teen Pregnancy Feature
After examining the ways in which feature articles are presented in popular magazines, participants evaluate the presentation of teen pregnancy in an existing feature article.


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