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Media Literacy 101: Topics to Explore Category
Constructions of Reality

What the media construct for us is not reality itself, but only a version of reality. Lessons and activities are provided to encourage youth to compare reality and sample media representations of reality.


Reality Check
Using a Student Workbook from Chris M. Worsnop’s Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking, participants examine various media selections for realism and artifice, and explore the general differences between reality and media representation of the real.


Who’s Telling the Stories?
Youth examine the power of the narrator by analyzing ads for beauty products to determine who is telling the story, and exploring how different ways of telling the story may serve different purposes.

For More On Constructions of Reality, See:

It’s Not As Sexy As It Looks
To learn more about how love scenes involve a high level of artifice for filmmakers and possible discomfort for actors, participants read and discuss an article on love scenes and some quotes by popular actors.

Behind the Sounds
To increase understanding of how gaming realities are constructed, participants listen carefully to an interview with famous video game voice actor, Charles Martinet then create a new voice for a video game character.


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