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Media Literacy 101: Topics to Explore Category
Media and Money

Lessons and activities examine consider those responsible for making a piece of media possible, and what they need/wants from their audience.


Commercial Interests Drive Media Products
Through several readings, activities, and Internet research, students will examine the impact of commercialism on media. Activities include selections from Chris M. Worsnop’s Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking.


Checking Out Your Neighborhood
Participants increase their awareness of commercial imagery in public spaces by taking note of ads placed around their local community.

Checking Out Local Grocery, Convenience and Drug Stores
Participants increase their awareness of the number of messages about sexuality that bombard shoppers by taking note of ads placed around their local community.

Advertisers vs. TiVo: The Next Generation of Commercial Programming
After discussing new kinds of commercial programming that embed product advertisements in the character and plot development of sitcoms and dramas, participants are asked to imagine how this kind of advertising might affect their favorite shows.

Product Placement in the Movies
Participants watch some of their favorite films with a critical eye—keeping track of brands and products advertised.

For More On Media and Money, See:

Free Newspapers
By examining examples of local free newspapers, from ads to articles, participants discuss how free press offers commentary on subjects downplayed or overlooked by newspapers owned by major media corporations.

Take Out the Ads and What Do You Find?
By literally cutting out the advertising sections of a local paper, youth estimate how much of the newspaper is actually news, and how much is marketing.

Queer Eye for the Advertising Guys
Participants examine how advertisers sell their products by associating them with the popular TV show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Product placement, sponsors, and celebrity endorsement are considered, as well as possible target audiences for these ads.


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