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Media Literacy 101: Topics to Explore Category
Media Agenda

Lessons and activities encourage youth to uncover the biases and values represented in select pieces of media.


Beliefs and Values are Embedded in All Media Products
Using selections from Chris M. Worsnop’s Media Literacy Through Critical Thinking, this lesson is designed to help students clarify how values and beliefs of media makers are embedded in all media products, whether intentionally or unintentionally.


Have an Ad Party
Youth select ads which play to the insecurities, fears, and fantasies of the consumer, and identify the emotion being exploited. Then, dressing in costume, participants attend a party and try to guess the products being advertised by other guests.

Smoking in the Movies
Participants examine how images of smoking in film are used to convey emotional atmosphere, and how this effects viewers, consumers, and the tobacco industry.

After viewing some of the winning entries of Adbusters’ TV contest, participants discuss the entries' commentary on the media and consumerism, and what effect they might have if shown on commercial television.

What’s in a Rating?
Through an understanding and analysis of the Motion Picture Association of America’s ratings system, participants explore the controversial relationship between censorship and artistic expression.

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Possible Side Effects Include…
Participants examine images used to sell medication for treating herpes and HIV, and discuss the implications of these messages on cultural perceptions of disease sufferers, treatment, and prevention.


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