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About Us

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left to right: Issa, Mario, Mimi

Mimi-My name is Mimi and I’m in the UWUB program. I’m a 10th grader and will be graduating in 2010. The page I worked on is about the statistics of homelessness. The reason why I choose this topic is because; it was interesting to see how different types of race, age and gender have an impact on how large the homeless population is growing. After reading my page I hope you can understand how serious the statistics of homeless populations are.  

Issa- My name is Issa, I'm a senior in High School. This is my second year doing the TTQ educational-based websites. I enjoy creating websites especially on educational topics. It is valuable to try to educate the public through websites because we live in a technological world where everything we do in most places is thorough computers. This year our team chose to focus on one of the contemporary issues facing America today, homelessness. I'm moved by problems such as homelessness because the goverment can help more. As students we want to promote and inform the public of the seriousness of homelessness

Mario- It's me, Mario. I am in the C/O 08. I also attend the UB program at the UW. I picked this subject because it involves our nation. Whatever we can do now as teenagers will affect our future tremedously down the line. Especially, economic support is really needed since many people are in debt. For how long? Nobobdy knows! Cutting our nations percentage of homeless people will help our future growth.