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Solutions to Homelessness

So far the U.S has improved its homelessness status, but more needs to be done.  We have institutions like Section 8 and Welfare which offer financial plans. What these financial planners do is construct a minimum payment so that those without jobs can have financial security as well as shelter where they can live. There are other organizations such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Care that help with materialistic items, such as clothes, house hold materials, and other items used for hygiene purposes.You may also donate clothes, can foods, and learning materials. It is great that these resources are available, but it does not fix being homeless it just gives them enough to get by.  What our nation needs is something that will bring a lasting solution for homelessness and poverty.

Ways to End Poverty

A way to end poverty in our nation is to increase economic growth. This is basically having more jobs be available to the unfortunate. America is under a high amount of debt; therefore increasing cash flow throughout the nation is beneficial for both the shareholders and the nation as a whole.The high rate of poverty has been one of the results of a weakening American economy, with a debt of 43 trillion dollars. Most of the nation is poor because of the lack of financial education. Also, not knowing how to read and understand rates, mortgages and taxes.


In addition to economic growth, education is also an important factor in solving the homeless problem in America. Everyone should be required to at least have a high school diploma. For those who do not have one, such as drop-outs, or other situations, there could be resources to allow finishing. Research shows that education allows people to get better jobs.

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