Turkic and Central Eurasian Studies at UW

Founded in 1949, the Turkic and Central Eurasian Studies Program (TCESP) at the University of Washington is one of the oldest and most distinguished programs on Central Eurasian Studies in the United States. TCESP is co-sponsored by the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (REECAS) in the Jackson School of International Studies (JSIS) and the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC).

The Central Eurasian Studies Program is recognized as one of the best in the country that offers a complete program of Central Eurasian studies including courses in Turkic languages, culture, history, literature, and area studies. There are currently more than 18 participating UW faculty members from eight academic departments and three professional schools.

One of the core elements of the Central Eurasian Program is language learning, the program features courses at all language levels (elementary, intermediate, and advanced) in Kazak, Kirgiz, Uygur and Uzbek. TCESP is one of only a few programs that offer advanced Uygur & Uzbek Language courses!

The Central Eurasian Program has served both undergraduate and graduate students by offering the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary training in Central Asian studies in such fields as history, international relations, anthropology and political sciences as well as in Slavic, Near Eastern and East Asian languages and cultures.

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