Central Eurasian Language Multimedia Resources

Kazak Studies
Overview of Kazak Studies
Central Asian Interactive Listening Series Kazak Audio Lessons
Kazak-English Glossary (UW NetID required)
English-Kazak Glossary (UW NetID required)
Sukhbat Audio Files (UW NetID required)
Other Resources (UW NetID required)

Kyrgyz Studies
Overview of Kirgiz Studies

Uygur Studies
Overview of Uygur Studies
Uygur Audio and Video Clips
   (Please Note: Uygur Video Clips are compatible only with Quicktime 6.0 or higher. Follow the links to a free download of the latest version of Quicktime)
Uygur Fonts and Keyboards
Introductory Uygur-English Dictionary (PDF)
Greetings from the Teklimakan: a handbook of Modern Uyghur (PDF)

Uzbek Studies
Overview of Uzbek Studies
Central Asian Interactive Listening Series Uzbek Audio Lessons
Online Uzbek-English Dictionary

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