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Session 1 Sept 9th-12th Draft LETTER OF INTENT DUE
Topic: Thesis Refining, What Topic works well????
Assignments: Narrow down topics, Find Research, MLA Formatting, Letters of Intent
Lecture Intro: Senior Project and You!

Session 2 Sept 19th Outline & 3 Research Summaries DUE
Topics: Introductions (Remember Transitions, Sentence Structure, Refining Details, Passive vs. Active Voice)
Assignments: Proposal, Outline, Start Intro

Lecture 2: The Devil is in the Details

Session 3 Sept 26th PSAT/SAT Workshops 9-12
PSAT/SAT Workshops IC, Proposals Due

Session 4 Oct 3rd PSAT/SAT Workshops 9-12
PSAT/SAT Workshops IC
, Intro Due

Session 5 Oct 10 PSAT/SAT Workshops 9-12
PSAT/SAT Workshops IC
, 1-3 Pages Due

Session 6 Oct 17th Research Summaries
Topic: Summarizing! (MLA Citations, In-Text Citation, Introductions, Web Searches, Web Resources)
Assignments: Research Summaries 1-3 and Revisions w/citations

Session 7 Oct 24th ResearchSummaries
Topic: Summarizing Sources
Assignments: Research Summaries 1-9 and Revisions w/citations. Logs 5-6

Session 8 Oct 31st Research Summaries
Topic: References/Presentation
Assignments: 1-10 Research Summaries Due (Research Paper Draft Due w/Citations), Revisions & Presentations Due, Logs 7-8

Session 9 Nov. 7th Research Summaries, Revisions
Topic: Types of Outlines, Organization
Assignments: Conferences, Begin Power Point, Logs 9-10

Session 10 Nov. 14th Research Summaries

Session 11 Nov. 21st First Draft, Reference List

Via Email send Revisions Nov. 28th-Dec 5th

Via Email send Final Dec 12th Final Paper Due

Final Grades submitted Dec 19th

Other required forms --(complete on own): Mentor Forms, Logs, Physical Project Proposals

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