Univ. of Wash. Upward Bound Senior Project & Writing
Course #:020014 Room 2005 Instructor: Donna Bolima 206-543-9288
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This course is designed to help students complete their Senior Projects and develop the skills needed for collegiate academics. Students will learn how to find materials and prepare all the necessary documents to complete their Senior Projects on schedule.  This includes a review of research techniques, structuring sources, outlining and organizing information and using MLA format. Students will also receive assistance in writing their Senior Project proposal, the topic outline, the preliminary draft, and the Final Draft. Finally, students will work on completing college applications, essays and scholarships and develop the academic skills needed for post-secondary survival. We will also provide access to computers and help students complete the physical component of their projects.

Students will complete all assigned work by predetermined due dates. Each session will focus on the week's determined deadlines, tasks, research activities, as well as, the student's developing research findings, presentation and writing.

Students will be evaluated on participation in class activities, quality of work and timeliness. Students will also evaluate each other in various graded assignments.

GRADE BREAKDOWN .50 Credit      Dates: September 3rd-January 23rd
Participation & Attendance 20%
Weekly Assignments 30%
Final Project Content & Presentation 50%

Lester, James D. Writing Research Papers. New York, N.Y.: HarperCollins, 1996.

Mann, Thomas. Doing research at the Library of Congress : a guide to subject searching in a closed
      stacks library. Library of Congress: WA, 1948.

Rubin, RobinCommunication research : strategies and sources. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Thomson
      Learning, 2000.
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