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Since Winter 2016, Unite UW has been breaking barriers between international and domestic students, and providing some 400 fantastic individuals the opportunity to interact and build strong connections with each other. Every single Unite UWer is an ambassador of diversity in backgrounds and experiences. We created this “Uniters of UW” initiative to celebrate a few of those individuals by diving deep into their stories, hardships and struggles, and presenting the journey that has led them to the little successes they enjoy today, as well as the huge ones they aspire to achieve tomorrow. Here at Unite UW, we believe that our past is a reminder of what we are capable of achieving in the future, and we don’t want to keep the potential of our Unite UWers to ourselves. Starting the 20th of September, we will be launching a photo series to portray a few of the these stories, to show to the world what Unite UW stands for and the people that make us, us.

Leon, Fall 2016

"I’m very adaptable, but my adaptability also comes from Chinese values. Confucianism emphasizes flexibility: avoiding extremes, and finding a solution that works for everyone..."
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Sarah, Fall 2017

"One of the most defining moments in my life was walking out of the gates of Auschwitz in Birkenau, Poland. To walk out of a place that trapped people and caused so much trauma out of my own free will was very emotional. It was pouring down rain the whole time we were touring these concentration and death camps and as soon as we walked out of the last one, the sun was shining. It was so beautiful and it felt like something special happened that day that I can’t quite put into words."

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Selena, Winter 2017

"Growing up, I was constantly compared to my cousins, which made me feel like I would never match up to anybody or be good enough for my parents. In Asian culture, you’re either first or you’re nothing."

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Jennifer, Fall 2016

"When I passed the airport gate, I sobbed quietly so that my parents couldn’t hear. They shouted 'Turn around, Jennifer!' And I couldn’t, because tears were all over my face. I was 15 when I came to the US from China."

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Sabrina, Spring 2017

"You know how you keep building on Jenga blocks, and every time you pull, a piece comes out? That’s life. When it all tumbles, that’s when life hits you. But the thing about Jenga is that it never stops... It may get harder, but it won’t stop."

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Davíd, Winter 2017

"The challenges that I have overcome remind me that it’s not just me, I’m not alone, and neither are you."

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Howard, Spring 2017

 "Today, my fraternity brothers are some of the most genuine and supportive people that I’ve ever met. There are certain stereotypes about fraternities, I try to represent the Greek community in a positive light in my other friend circles to beat those stereotypes."
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