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More than 1,700 UW faculty members rely on  FACULTY ISSUES AND CONCERNS email listserve for news and discussion of campus and national issues. Since there is no faculty newspaper, this is the only faculty controlled communications medium at the University of Washington.

It is a moderated listserve featuring  news items from The Chronicle of Higher Education , New York Times, and Associated Press as well as important notices from the AAUP national office. In addition the list provides a forum of the discussion of policy issues facing faculty on this campus.

Lucy Jarosz edits the listserve.

You do not have to be a member to subscribe. Send a message to

Subscribers can change settings or unsubscribe:

Listserve management guidelines:

FACULTY ISSUES AND CONCERNS is a moderated listserve. The editor is responsible for maintaining an open and effective listserve that advances the principles of AAUP and encourages an active discussion of higher education issues and faculty rights. Since the listserve belongs to AAUP, it is not an open forum. The editor exercises judgment in selecting items for publication. If a conflict should arise over the rejection of a message, the editor shall consult with the backup editor. If the rejected message comes from a member of the Executive Committee and cannot be otherwise resolved through three-party consultation, the full Executive Committee shall be consulted and shall decide whether or not to publish the item. ---------- (Executive Committee resolution passed October 7, 2003)

FACULTY ISSUES AND CONCERNS encourages contributions and discussion on issues relating to higher education in general and the University of Washington faculty issues in particular. The editors try to balance the goal of open discussion with the recognition that 1700 subscribers do not want their inboxes overwhelmed with messages. Here are some reasons that the editors may reject messages

1) Incivility. Please, no personal attacks or rude remarks.

2) Redundancy. We try to stop back and forth exchanges. One or two comments per person in a particular exchange is about right.

3) Inconsequentiality. Short comments that add little to a discussion are usually discarded.

4) Political advocacy. State ethics regulations prohibit use of university resources for lobbying or partisan electoral politics.

5) Non-AAUP events. We do not post event announcements unless endorsed or approved by UWAAUP.