March Color Appears at the Washington Park Arboretum

March 10th, 2013 by Pat Chinn-Sloan

Selected cuttings from the Washington Park Arboretum (from March 4 - 17, 2013)

1)  Camellia japonica  ‘High Hat’

  • One of our earlier-flowering Japanese camellias.
  • This specimen can be found along the west side of Arboretum Drive near the construction zone detour.

2)  Pieris japonica  ‘Valentine’s Day’

  • Showing its large panicles of pink flowers.
  • Can be found on Azalea Way just south of the Lilacs.

3)  Rhododendron floribundum

  • Native to the Szechwan Province of China.
  • Specimen currently resides along the Upper Trail near the Rhododendron seedling area.

4)  Salix irrorata

  • Upright shrub with slender purple shoots and gray catkins borne before the leaves.
  • Can be found in the Witt Winter Garden.

5)  Stachyurus himalaicus

  • Native to western China and Taiwan.
  • Spreading, deciduous shrub with arching shoots and bell-shaped flowers borne in racemes in late winter.
  • Can be found on the west side of Arboretum Drive across from the double lot.

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