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Alight: Painted Portraits of Small Songbirds by Suzanne Brooker  ~  June 1 – 29, 2023

“When I began work on this series I didn’t realize how compelling painting birds would become. Everything about them is precise, from the shape and length of the beck to the complex layered pattern of their feathers. In contrast, a bird’s photograph will often show the background as vaguely blurred foliage that needed imaginative invention to succeed as a painted image. Another ongoing challenge was how to keep the painting from becoming stiff and lifeless even if it meant losing some precision. I eventually settled on using smooth gesso boards which could hold all the finest details as the transparent layers of oil paint created a surface much like watercolor or egg tempera.

“Painting birds kept me company during the lockdown and self-isolation of the Covid pandemic. They invited a quiet meditation on metaphors of flight, freedom, or movement. I stayed home while the birds soared.”

Meet the artist Thursday, June 8, from 2 to 4 p.m.

Resilience: The 2023 Student Plant Research Exhibit

Each year, the Miller Library hosts an exhibit to showcase some of the great work being done on plants by UW students. We are thrilled to announce this year’s exhibit features nine projects, collectively shedding insights on the theme of resilience. View the full digital exhibit here.

This digital exhibit will be featured on our website from May 5th through June 15th.


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June 2023: Rebecca Alexander researches Withania somnifera, also known as winter cherry.

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