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Paintings by Rebecca Dvorin Strong ~ February 2-28, 2024

Artist statement:

“My goals as an artist are to express the beauty, mystery, and poetry of Nature, and to create highly personal artworks that also represent wider human concerns. To help invite the viewer into the experience of my artworks, I also display the processes, mediums, and studies that led to the creation of my work.

“This show has paintings of plants, trees, bees, flowers, and fruits painted in oil, gouache, watercolor, ink, and mixed media. I use these mediums in multiple layers of transparent, translucent, and opaque colors to create the illusion of light, space, and atmospheric conditions and to produce a luminous quality.

“I make close observations of the natural world, and I am especially interested in conveying stages of growth, exploring inner worlds through the symbolism of realistic natural objects, and expressing environmental concerns.”




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