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“Ecologies of Memory,” The 2023 Elisabeth Miller Memorial Lecture, by Sara Zewde

Don’t miss the 2023 Miller Memorial Lecture, available online until October 31, featuring Sara Zewde sharing her recent work on Frederick Law Olmsted’s often-overlooked years in the U.S. South and how that research has influenced Studio Zewde’s work designing meaningful public spaces that bring together ecology, culture, history, and community.

Zewde is Assistant Professor of Practice at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and Founding Principal of Studio Zewde. She brings years of experience leading complex design processes across the Americas.

The annual Elisabeth Miller Memorial Lecture is presented by the Pendleton & Elisabeth Carey Miller Charitable Foundation with support by the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, the Elisabeth C. Miller Library, the Northwest Horticultural Society, and Great Plant Picks.

Fruiting Bodies: Art by Heather Talbot ~ September 5-29, 2023

Fruiting Bodies features Heather Talbot’s pen and ink drawings, thread drawings, and needle felted works. From the artist’s statement:

“I am drawn to the concepts of impermanence, interconnectedness and interdependence, and use my art as a way of exploring these concepts. I’m interested in systems and how sometimes small and apparently insignificant elements of a system can be so essential to its healthy functioning.

“I consider each piece of work I undertake to be an exploration into a more deep and full understanding of one aspect of the living web of life of which I am also a part. Fungi are so fascinating to me, not just because they are so varied and beautiful in form, but because they are the fruiting bodies of these vast, invisible webs that are so essential to the healthy functioning of a forest and so exemplify these notions of impermanence, inter-connectedness and interdependence so beautifully.”


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