Seasonal Highlights

Selected Cuttings from the Gardens This Month

Month by Month

  • January: Heather, hellebore, holly, mahonia, sarcococca, witch hazel, the Winter Garden.
  • February: Daphne, dogwood, chimonanthus, heather, hellebore, holly, rhododendron, sarcococca, witch hazel, the Winter Garden.
  • March: Camellia, flowering cherry, corylopsis, daphne, forsythia, heather, hellebore, magnolia, rhododendron, witch hazel.
  • April: Azalea Way, barberry, camellia, flowering cherry, halesia, maple, madrona, magnolia, rhododendron, serviceberry.
  • May: Crab apple, dogwood, magnolia, mountain ash, rhododendron, red bud,serviceberry.
  • June: Rock roses, brooms, Korean dogwood, rhododendrons, stewartia, styrax.
  • July: Stewartia, eucryphia, hydrangeas, maackias. Tree Tour trail map
  • August: Eucryphias, hydrangea, sorrel trees, crabapples(fruit). Tree Tour trail map
  • September: Franklinia, Japanese maples, sorrel trees. Tree Tour trail map
  • October: Fall Colors: Japanese maples, witch hazels, sourgums, sorrel trees, buckeyes, strawberry trees, mountain ash. Tree tour trail map
  • November: Hollies, callicarpa, mountain ash, viburnum. Tree tour trail map
  • December: Sarcococca, hollies, the Winter Garden.