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KPLU: 10 years later, researchers wonder what influenced HS seniors


Project Description

The UW-BHS (University of Washington-Beyond High School) project began in 1999 as a study of the impact of I-200 (the referendum that ended affirmative action) on minority enrollment in higher education in Washington State. Following a successful pilot survey in the spring of 2000, the project eventually included baseline and one-year follow-up surveys of almost 10,000 high school seniors in five cohorts across several school districts in the Pacific Northwest. The research objectives of the project are to: 1) describe and explain differences in the transition from high school to college by race and ethnicity, socioeconomic origins, and other characteristics, 2) evaluate of the impact of the Washington State Achievers Program, and 3) explore the implications of multiple race and ethnic identities.

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 Updated 3/4/2016

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