Draft Program

Sept 14
9:00-9:30amArrival (Food & Coffee available)CMU 202/204
9:30-10:00amWelcome & Intro CMU 202
10:10-noonParticipant Introductions*CMU 202
noon-1:30pmLunch Break
1:30-3:30pmWorking Session ICMU 202/CMU 204/CMU 218D/GUG 415L
3:30-4pmBreakCMU 202/204
4-5pmDiscussionCMU 202
5-6:30pmFree time
6:30pm-Group DinnerShalimar Restaurant
Sept 15
9:00-9:30amInterim Task Discussion (w/Food & coffee)CMU 202
9:45-noonWorking Session IICMU 202/CMU 204/CMU 218D/GUG 415L
noon-1:30pmLunch Break
1:30-2:15pmInterim ReportsCMU 202
2:15-2:30pmShort Break
2:30-4:30pmWorking Session IIICMU 202/CMU 204/CMU 218D/GUG 415L
4:30-6:00pmPanel - Working Group ReportsCMU 202

*Introductions should be brief (less than 6 minutes each) and should give each participant a chance to introduce themselves, say a bit about their experience with endangered languages, and describe either
a) the key challenges or pain points in working with endangered languages that automatic processing might aid or
b) (in the case of computational folks) what excites you about the opportunities of working with endangered languages.
You don’t need to prepare slides for this, but if you choose to, please send them to us in advance (PDF preferred, at levow at uw dot edu) to allow for a smoother presentation process.