Recommended Reading

Primary Readings

NSF EL-STEC Grant Proposal
This proposal presents a plan to survey archived language data, assess the needs of field linguists, design shared task evaluation campaigns (STECs) and evaluate those STECs. At this stage, we have only been granted funding to host a workshop to perform needs assessment and start designing STECs. A preliminary survey has also been completed of archived language data in advance of this workshop (see below).

Endangered Languages Repositories Report
This report is a preliminary survey of the data in endangered languages archives, which describes collections that are possible candidates for automatic language processing tasks.

Shared Task Evaluation Campaigns
Belz, A., & Kilgarriff, A. (2006). Shared-task evaluations in HLT: Lessons for NLG. In Proceedings of the Fourth International Natural Language Generation Conference (pp. 133-135). Sydney, Australia: Association for Computational Linguistics.

Field Linguistics and Language Documentation
Vaux, Bert, and Justin Cooper. 1999. Introduction to Linguistic Field Methods. Munich: Lincom Europa.

Background Readings

Language Documentation Tools and Methods Summit Report
Thieberger, Nick. 2016. Language Documentation Tools and Methods Summit Report.

Calls for shared tasks
CoNLL The SIGNLL Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
IEEE ASRU Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding