Advancing Equity and Inclusion at the NAPE Center

The NAPE Center Leadership strongly re-affirms our Diversity and Inclusion policy as posted on our professionalism policy page. We strive to create and sustain a research and training environment in which all of our members can thrive.

In light of recent global events, we recognize the impact of the Israel-Gaza conflict on our community. We mourn lives lost and suffering, advocating for respectful dialogue and mutual understanding. Upholding free speech, we condemn all forms of harassment, discrimination, and violence. We reaffirm a zero-tolerance policy against antisemitism and Islamophobia, ensuring a safe environment and upholding our commitment to a safe, inclusive space where everyone feels supported in our pursuit of knowledge.

To our Black, underrepresented minority, and historically marginalized colleagues: We support you. We acknowledge the deep pain, trauma, and extra distress that you are carrying. We acknowledge how important it is to actively challenge the racism in our society to overcome centuries of insidious practices. These pervasive attitudes and the racist encouragement of them are just not tolerable; they never have been. Some of us may have naively thought that we had been making progress excising that thinking, but the news reports clearly show that we as a society still have a long way to go. We stand with our community leaders who are using their platforms to foster open dialogues, create community, and bring compassion and kindness to others. We stand in remembrance of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, David McAtee, Ahmaud Arbery, Manuel Ellis and the numerous other victims of senseless, racist violence.

The NAPE Center will continue to have open, candid conversations about dismantling systemic racism, increasing diversity, and advancing inclusion and equity. We recognize that effective diversity and equity initiatives take time and deliberate effort; we are committed to developing and executing programs and initiatives that take action against racism and promote equity for all of our students, faculty, and staff. Additional resources on Race and Equity Initiatives at the University of Washington are listed here

NAPE Center Diversity Activities

The NAPE Center is dedicated to diversity and inclusion in neuroscience and our community. We are constantly striving to expand and improve our outreach in the community; below is a partial list of these activities, and we welcome input from our trainees and the community at large on how we can expand our efforts. Persons interested in more information or having interest in contributing to these activities are welcome to contact .


1. K-12 students interested in learning more about research on brain science, drug addiction, mental health are welcome to contact In the recent past, NAPE laboratories have welcomed students and teachers from the Paschal-Sherman Indian School and Colville Tribe as coordinated by Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium. Other groups of students interested in arranging a tour are encouraged to contact us for more information

2. URM Trainees supported by the Post-Baccalaureate PREP Program have been welcomed into NAPE Center labs for research training. If you are interested in more information about this opportunity please contact

3. University of Washington Undergraduates interested in an independent research experience (e.g. Bio 499 or Psych 499) are welcomed in the NAPE Center Laboratories. For additional information, please directly contact the specific faculty member whose research is of interest or for general information please contact

4. The NAPE Center hosts a 10-week paid summer undergraduate research experience. URM and 1st Gen students are given priority. 

5. Members of the NAPE Center community have enjoyed providing guest lectures or informal talks about neuroscience research, drug-addiction research, or science career opportunities to persons or groups interested in more information. Groups including URM and 1st Gen students are specifically encouraged to enquire. 

6. If you are interested in regular updates, please add your name to our e-mailing list or subscribe to our Slack channel

Our Faculty

NAPE laboratories study the neural circuits involved in decision making relating to addiction, pain, and emotion. We utilize a variety of cutting-edge methodologies to study normal and pathological choices evident in drug addiction and mood disorders in a highly collaborative and supportive research environment.  An introductory description of our current research activities can be found by following the links to the individual faculty members listed at BIPOC, URM indivudals and 1st Gen students are particularly encouraged to explore opportunities for research training in these labaratories.