Cloud Credit Program

We were officially awarded funding by the Student Technology Fund (STF) for a cloud credit program. The goal of this program is to fund student research and projects that can be boosted with cloud technologies, as well as offer a safe place for students to begin experimenting with what the cloud has to offer.

1. Become a member of Research Computing Club

To join first, join our Mailing List, and our Slack team

All members are required to attend 1 RCC event per year, to meet the requirement for being an active member, and to retain access to the RCC resources such as Hyak or the Cloud Credit Program. Check the calendar for upcoming events. We host 1 general body meeting per quarter, and a number of training events, workshops, talks, mentorship and outreach opportunities throughout the year.

The club constitution may be found here

2. Read Through Governance Document

Before getting started, please read through the Cloud Credit Program Governance Document

3. Reach out

Reach out to UW Director of Cloud and Data Solutions Rob Fatland ( It may take up to a week to hear back with a decision.