The University of Washington Geographic Information Service
at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences


Washington State Parcel Database


Parcel Data is Critical. Digital parcel data, stored in a geographic information system (GIS), is a critical source of information for resource land managers, community development needs, infrastructure maintenance, research, homeland security, business development, public safety, and more.

Redundant Efforts are Costly. Currently, there is not a single source of GIS-based parcel information for Washington State. Efforts to collect, store, and manage county, state and federal parcel data are often redundant at all levels of government. Each public or private entity must request data directly from over forty different entities; data which arrives in a myriad of formats and differing attribute schemes. Many counties have data license agreements that prohibit-or severely restrict-the ability of one user to share parcel data with other users, making cross-agency or interdisciplinary research difficult, expensive, and variable since no two groups are using the same data.

Thus, this project aims to provide simplified access to parcel data, while increasing data quality and decreasing redundancy.



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