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"I'm so glad to have a regular open-to-everyone place to see and hear what's happening with educational technology on campus."
"The WebEd events not only increased my awareness of applications and initiatives at the University of Washington, they kept me informed of student issues as they relate to technology adoption, efficacy, and use."

WebEd Mission
WebEd is a UW discussion group for people interested in educational technology. WebEd events offer participants opportunities for:

  • Pedagogical Reflection and Improvement: Learn from each other and field experts on teaching and learning with a variety of educational technologies.

  • Informal Peer Review: Participate in informal peer review of current projects by interested colleagues from multiple disciplines.

  • Connecting with Colleagues: Network with like-minded people and connect with resources they might not otherwise be able to find.

  • Staying State of the Art: See how others integrate innovative technologies into their courses, and hear about the latest research on educational technology.

WebEd is supported by PETTT and Educational Partnerships & Learning Technologies at the University of Washington.


Who We Are
WebEd grew from the work of two graduate students in the UW College of Education, Mark Scott and Jon Sharpe. They convened the first WebEd meeting in the summer of 1997. Since then WebEd has gone through a metamorphosis and is now under the auspices of the UW Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology.

WebEd is based at the University of Washington, in Seattle.


WebEd Steering Committee Members, August 2003

Michael Campion
Director, Education at a Distance for Growth and Excellence (EDGE), University of Washington

Richard Ells
Senior Computer Specialist, Computing & Communications, University of Washington

John Frederiksen
Professor, College of Education, University of Washington

Wayne Jacobson
Associate Director, Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR), University of Washington

Penelope Karovsky
Research Associate, College of Education, University of Washington

Stephen Kerr
Professor, College of Education, University of Washington

Kurt Kors
Educational Technology Analyst, Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology (PETTT), University of Washington

Tom Lewis
Director, Ed-Tech Development Group, Educational Partnerships & Learning Technologies, University of Washington

Scott Macklin
Director, Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology (PETTT), University of Washington

Catharine Reznicek
Distance Learning Specialist, Shoreline Community College

Mark Scott
Education Assistant III, Scriber Lake High School, Lynnwood, Washington

Jonathan Sharpe
Curriculum Manager, CEEH - COEP, University of Washington

Cliff Solomon
Web Educational Technologist, School of Nursing, University of Washington

Nancy Weiner
Senior Computer Specialist, Educational Technology Services & Distance Learning Design/ UW Educational Outreach, University of Washington

Anne Zald
Head, Map Collection & Cartographic Information Services, Libraries, University of Washington


How to Join Us
Please join us at an upcoming event and hear about the latest research and implementations of educational technology in a variety of settings. If you would like your work to be considered as a topic for an upcoming meeting, email WebEd.You can also subscribe to the following listserv:

WEBED-L is a listserv that announces WebEd events and related activities.

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