Internship for Brand 227

Web Design and Development for our website

Paid internship $10-15 or more for freelance designer with experience – can work from home.

    • Our website is now live and running. We don’t sell directly to customers till August though. We are looking for a recent graduate to do a internship or freelance for web development for the brand.
    • We need someone with good technical background, who can help us with regular updates and maintenance.

Social Media and Marketing

Paid Internship $10-15 or more depending on experience – Can work from home.

  • We want to increase our visibility on social media so we are looking for new interns. We run Instagram, FB and pinterest sites for our brand. We just launched ourselves on twitter as well. We are really looking for an energetic person with a vibrant personality who can communicate and write/post and get the message across. Also need this person to be creative in designing the post and overall layout for marketing banners/posters etc. for e blast.
  • Note for the candidates: This is a part time internship with 20hrs/week but often requires person to be on the spot with posts and response time.
  • We do have contract with a product placement agency in LA and freelance writers to provide enough content for the post on weekly basis for social media.

There is always a possibility to go full time if its a great match for both sides.

Interested students can call or email Pooja at: (206 227 4218) or:

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