Coyote Central | Seeks Teaching Artists for Spring 2020

Coyote is looking for experienced teaching artists for its Cityworks series. The artists will work independently with 6-8 advanced students ages 13-18. They will be responsible for guiding youth through the creative process over the course of several weekends, resulting in a built and polished public installation. Teaching Artists will design a project proposal in advance, leaving room for youth voice and input. The project should speak to the given theme.


We are looking for someone who…
– has a powerful work ethic and excellent follow-through
– is a strong communicator with teens, other teaching artists, and staff
– has the ability to stay organized in shared spaces and track project progress
– exudes a strong sense of team mentality
– represents the diversity amongst the students we serve
– prioritizes and teaches through an equity lens
– brings a dynamic spirit to the project and can spark that in others
– cultivates a sense of community
– demonstrates a balance of flexibility and structure
– is passionate and has a deep love for their medium/art form

Teaching Artist should have experience with…
– public art
– working with students from a diverse range of backgrounds
– working with middle-school aged youth
– providing activities that scaffold projects
– norm setting and conflict resolution
– supporting varying levels of experience with a medium among participants in a single group
– managing big-picture timetables

Teaching Artist will be responsible for…
– submitting an overview syllabus of the project and budget 2 weeks prior to start date
– providing daily learning plans 2 weeks prior to the start date
– daily icebreakers, group formers and daily reflections
– ensuring the project is polished and finished by installation / performance date
– installing and breaking down the work, if applicable to the project

The Teaching Artist should at all times, prioritize amplifying youth voice, perspective, and decision-making while challenging youth to reach the highest standards in their work.

Coyote is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to organizational, personal, and systemic growth in equity. Coyote continues to build a teaching artist roster, staff and board that reflect the diversity and intersectionality of the students we serve. People of color, multilingual, LGBTQ and nonbinary folks are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information and to apply, click HERE!