Individual Artist COVID-19 Relief Funds

Seattle Artists Relief Fund


Thank you for applying for the Artists Relief Fund! A few important notes:

1. This fund is for individual artists only who live in the greater Seattle area, not organizations or nonprofits. There are larger funds in the Seattle area dedicated to supporting orgs and nonprofits, and our focus is on the individual gig workers who need assistance now.

2. Our goal is to make disbursements once per day depending on funds received. Our goal is to get some funds to most applicants within 5 business days, if you applied and don’t get assistance that day or the day after, please be patient – it just means we’re still working on it. UPDATE: We have experienced some issues processing payments through PayPal, causing a delay. We are now partnered with LANGSTON Seattle to send funds out in a timely manner but we are currently getting checks out about 7 business days after application.

3. If you don’t fill out the application fully, your application may be rejected. We will email you to let you know (if you provided an email address) so you can send in a full application.

4. We want to help as many people as possible, this means that we will likely be unable to provide the full amount of larger requests. The amount we can provide is based on our donations received, the amount of requests we have, and the requests we project will come in the near future.

Click here to apply to receive funds as an individual artist from Seattle Artist Relief Fund.
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