AU Call For Work

AU: Straying From Reality is UW’s only speculative fiction magazine, and publishes quarterly based on a rotating theme–the Spring 2020 theme is EPHEMERAL. We publish quality prose, poetry and art with a focus on the genres of science fiction, fantasy and magical realism. We accept up to five submissions for art & poetry and up to three submissions for prose, with a limit of 2,500 words per individual work.

However, because of the unprecedented challenges facing our school and country this quarter, we will creating a special secondary issue under the theme CRISIS. We at AU believe that art and literature are essential outlets for expression and healing, and we seek to create an open, creative platform for sharing and connecting with others about our current hopes and fears. As a note, submissions do not (and are encouraged not) to be specifically about Covid-19 but they do need to response to to the theme of “Crisis”.

The deadline for both Issue 27: EPHEMERAL and Special Issue: CRISIS will be midnight on May 11th.

Our editors will be hosting digital workshops through Zoom on April 27th and May 7th which are open to all potential submitters and can be accessed through our website. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Wishing you a safe and productive quarter,
The AU Staff