C21 Internship Bootcamp

Summer Student Opportunity – C21 Internship Bootcamp

Everyone knows you need an internship. But as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many internships have been canceled or shortened. It is harder than ever to find an internship, and harder still to find one that really develops the key skills you need.

What if there was a professional experience to develop and practice those key skills in a real-world context, where you would be continually challenged to grow, giving you the evidence to show employers how you are different from other candidates?

This summer we are piloting an immersive, virtual internship bootcamp, where you will learn and practice key project management skills important to any internship or a full-time job. We will “hire” a small number of interns into our own C21 training startup.

Eligibility: Only open to undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences (Seattle-campus)

Learn skills you would get in an internship or 1st job. You will onboarded as a new employee: you will have work responsibilities; you will have a manager; you will be evaluated.
Get work experience for your resume, and stories for your interviews. You will leave with important work stories you need to talk about: hurdles overcome and jobs well done.
Pay no tuition or fee. The cost of the bootcamp is your time. You have to commit, as you would to an internship or a job, to working for the duration of the program.

The Internship Bootcamp is a professional training program to develop your project management skills in a real-world setting. Interns will be “hired” in a simulated higher education consulting firm. All of this will happen remotely, like most professional work around the world right now.

The work you will undertake in this consulting environment will be designed specifically to challenge and stretch you, because the most important skills and lessons are learned through failure. In this program, you’ll be able to learn, and fail, safely. This is what makes it a bootcamp.

Project management utilizes the skills associated with a liberal education, from collaboration to communication to time management to data analysis.
Complex projects require a greater proficiency across a wider range of those skills, which is why organizations value people who have them.
Project management skills matter wherever you work, from large or small companies to non-profit organizations to government agencies to your own startup venture.

You will apply through Handshake, and will need a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile. Applications are due Friday May 29.