Upstaging Seattle seeks Staging/Warehouse Assistant

Staging/ Warehouse Assistant
20 hours a week – $15/ hour

We are a staging company of the future and understand how fast paced the real estate market industry can be. We work tirelessly to accommodate our client’s needs on time, within budget and give 100% of our efforts to exceed19 all expectations while maintaining a positive attitude!Our mission statement is to leave everyone and everything in better shape then we found. We truly believe in going the extra mile to obtain customers for life and raving fans of our service.The staging assistant is flexible, capable of solving problems independently and always leads with customer service at the forefront of their mind. They are self-driven and willing to make shit happen!

Availability Requirements:
Minimum of 30 hours a week with opportunity for extra hours
5 hours per day (Preferably from 9am-2pm)
Flexibility to work overtime as needed
Monday through Friday and occasionally weekends.

Basic Qualifications:
– 18 years or older
– Valid driver’s license in the state of Washington.
– Clean driving record
– Ability to lift up to 50lbs.

Things you should know about working for upstaging Seattle:
Our days are at times fast paced and we need partners that embrace that aspect of the business. We are looking for someone who is quick on their feet.
We are extra busy during spring/ summer months. It’s real estate peak season and when we have a lot of projects going on at the same time.
Our hub location is in Mountlake Terrace but we can cover areas from Arlington to Maple Valley. Being comfortable driving long miles in Seattle’s traffic is a MUST.

Sounds good?
Awesome! This is what you would be actually doing:

– Pick up our inventory from houses when they are sold. Our inventory consists of accent pieces such as: Small chairs, wall art, plants, vases and rugs. We use a third party source to move the heavier pieces of furniture (beds, couches, tables).
– Drop off inventory on staging days. We’ll select everything you need to pick up from our storage unit and deliver them to the staging house. Typically we have one to two projects going on per day.
– Maintain Inventory. Make sure every item is properly labeled with our logo, linens laundered, maintenance of accent pieces, assemble small pieces of furniture and keep the storage unit organized and clean.
– Maintain the company vehicle. Keep the inside of the vehicle clean, fill with gas and wash.
– Basic upkeep around the office, like emptying out trash, ordering snacks and vacuuming.
– Place online orders for office supply, staging and interior design projects
– Run various errands, including returns, dump runs and shopping for inventory.
– Team Player- Support stagers (packing, unloading, finishing up project)

If you’re checking all the boxes and loving what you see take the following enneagram test and send us what type you are along with your resume.

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