Call for Work – Biennial 4 Memes: the Memennial

Memes move elections
Memes move revolutions
Memes move consciousness
Memes move laughter out of our dark cavernous guts

They serve as a coping mechanism during the first global pandemic in our lifetimes. They subvert discourse faster than any other medium. They create society.

The inaugural international Biennial 4 Memes: the Memennial is founded this year, debuting December 2020.

This exhibition features memes, digital art, object based art referencing memes, and new writing around meme culture. This biennial is a celebration of the memes of our times; a snapshot of the hivemind. What is the meaning of late capitalist images when society can reshape itself virtually? How do memes help us see ourselves, help us see each other when presence is gone?

Join us virtually, and irl in select cities, as we explore these dank waves of discursivity.

Featuring work by meme artists:
@jonomilo @saqmemes

@jalapen0.pap1, Anam Bahlam, Memennial Founder
@soomi___, Soomi Han, Independent Curator

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