Humble Design Competition Accepting Submissions

Humble Design Competition Brief

Competition Purpose

The cycle of homelessness and housing insecurity is a complicated issue that extends beyond just having a place to live. Humble Design recognizes the importance of providing support for people transitioning out of homelessness and into housing. Humble partners with housing organizations to identify families who are moving into new permanent housing and then outfits their new homes with gently used furniture, home furnishings, and essential items. It is far more than decorating a home – it helps to renew hope, restore dignity, and provide people with a fresh start and a step towards greater financial stability.

The purpose of Humble Design’s sticker/print competition is to:

1)Raise greater awareness regarding the homelessness cycle and the need for services that provides support for individuals, families, and veterans transitioning out of homelessness. Studies have shown that 48.7% of families return to homelessness within a year of being housed. In contrast, around 99% of Humble Design’s families stay housed for over a year, and 85% stay housed for over two years.

2) To build a platform to amplify the power of design and show how it can help rebuild identity, restore dignity, and build self-esteem through the creation of a personalized space.

3) To connect with the Seattle/Puget Sound community! Humble Design Seattle was founded in 2018, we are still new to Seattle. We want to get to know you!

The theme for Humble Design’s first sticker/print design competition is “Home”.
What turns a space into a home? What does home mean to you?

Who is eligible
Open to all

Entry process
Submit via Google Form:
In jpeg/jpg format, 1080 x 1080px.

Competition Rules
1. One participant = one entry
2. Submission will be posted on Humble Design Instagram on Dec 2nd, 2020
3. Most liked-submission wins $150-worth of room decorations from Humble Design Warehouse.
4. Choice of winner: most-voted post on Instagram wins
5. Last day of entry: 11:59PM Dec 1st, 2020.
6. Last day of voting/likes: Dec 6th, 2020
7. Winner Announcement: Dec 7th, 2020.
8. Intellectual property rights: Submission of participant designs constitute an agreement by participants to allow Humble Design to post their design on social media platforms.
9. Optional: Participants can choose to consent to their design being used in future fundraising event, “Donation-for-sticker”drive, for up to 3 months after the announcement of the winner. By consenting, participants pass on their copyright to Humble Design for 3 months post-event and agree to the organization’s use of printing their designed sticker/prints in exchange for monetary donations. Humble Design will reach out again to re-confirm agreement prior to using the design.
10. Other information: Humble Design will reach out to receive consent of participants prior to using any design, provided Humble Design develops plans in the future to use the design for other purposes.

Launch Event (partnered with WashPIRG) RSVP:
Date: November 21st, 2020 Saturday
Time: 5-630PM