Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Art History Submission Request

Summer 2021 Submissions are open

The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Art History is seeking submissions for our upcoming issue, to be published in May 2021. We welcome papers written and researched by undergraduate students from all universities. They may focus on any topic or methodology pertaining to the field of Art History. A wide range of work will be considered. Authors may submit a version or part of a course research paper, independent study, or honors thesis. Papers are generally 10-20 pages in length, but we accept papers of any length.

The deadline to submit is Friday, February 19th at 11:59pm.

Of note: we hope to dedicate a section of this issue to the theme, Year Zero? As the country wades into a post-COVID world under a new administration, we on the Editorial Board can’t help but look ahead with pessimistically measured anticipation. But the sense that one has arrived at a critical and historic juncture is anything but new. How does one gauge the significance of their moment, and how does the artist respond? What is the artist’s role in a transitional society: dissenting canary or ‘genius’ visionary; eccentric individualist or collectivist laborer? How are the arts enlisted in bringing political projects—utopian and dystopian—to fruition? How does the memory of the past interact with visions of futurity? Authors should feel encouraged to interpret these questions broadly: they may consider, for example, how medieval cathedrals brought heaven to earth, how constructivists labored as workers to bring revolution to the studio and the wider world, how the art of colonial subjects responded to foreign rule, or how movements across the 20th century have proclaimed the end of art. We hope to devote a section of the Summer 2021 issue to this theme, but please note that we are still accepting papers on any art-historical topic.

Editorial Process:

Each essay will be reviewed by our editorial board and, if selected for publication, returned to you with revisions. Authors will correspond with a team of editors throughout the semester, who will offer two rounds of edits before publication, and a third round of copy edits. Expect a three-month process to publication.

Submission Guidelines:

In addition to completing the form on this page, please send a .docx of your submission to (address to Noah Percy, Editor-in-Chief), with the title of the email formatted as “Lastname, Firstname, CUJAH Submission F20.”

Submissions should be double-spaced in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format. Papers will be published following Chicago citation style. Submissions should include both footnotes and a bibliography. Figures must accompany the submission, and should be cited properly. Although we will consider submissions of any length, most published pieces range from ten to twenty pages.

CUJAH does not publish work which has previously appeared in any student, professional, or academic publication. If you have also submitted your piece to another publication, please inform us if you have been selected for publication by their team.

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