Black & Tan Hall: Muralist Wanted, Stipend Provided

Black & Tan Hall is a values driven restaurant, performance venue and gathering space that contributes to a thriving economy & community. We are an anti-gentrification model that combats displacement, keeps dollars hyper local, and sustains good jobs. We are a BIPOC led cooperative investment business, made up of diverse neighbors in the community, who contribute dollars, talent and time to the vision. We are a gathering place for celebration, reflection and creation; through. workshops, social change events, cultural events, and arts & performance programming. A place to experience art, history, and culture.

We have recently acquired our building, and will be doing improvement and aesthetic renovations on the space through 2021 with an opening planned for end of 2021/early 2022.

Black & Tan Hall is looking to commission a piece of work for the front facade of Black & Tan Hall. The selected artist will create a design background for the outside foyer/entrance into our building. Keep in mind that other art will be hung on top of this design. This will serve as a semi-permanent background that could change on an annual basis.

Click here for more details and to apply!