New RSO: Modality UW seeks Student Members!

Modality UW seeks Student Members!

Welcome to Modality at UW! We are a new RSO looking to create a platform for and a community around the QTBIPOC artists, writers, and general content creators at the University of Washington.

Modality plans to work like a journal for QTBIPOC students to highlight their work, share resources, and share anything else whether it be movie recommendations or hot takes. The work we hope to highlight doesn’t have to center around QTBIPOC identity, but rather has to come from QTBIPOC students. Club priorities include an annual zine, a biweekly newsletter, organizing  opportunities for speakers and other events.

Fill this form out if you’re interested in joining our team or if you would like to stay up to date with our events and content! Even if you don’t identify as QTBIPOC, fill this form so you cant help build a platform for QTBIPOC content creators at UW! Contact or @shreyamasina on Instagram if you have any questions.

Application form here

NOTE: All Applicants must UW Seattle students