Grey Matters Journal – Call for Art

Grey Matters Journal is the University of Washington’s fully undergraduate-run neuroscience research journal, focused on making complex topics in neuroscience research interesting and accessible to a general audience. A large part of this mission is including art pieces in our work that help communicate and enhance scientific content in an accessible, creative way.

Grey Matters will be hosting an Art Gallery project that will be completed throughout the duration of the summer and ultimately presented during Dawg Daze events. We are inviting artists to showcase their talent by creating neuroscience related art pieces in hopes of highlighting the beauty, complexity, and interdisciplinary aspects of neuroscience and our amazing brains! We welcome artists of all different backgrounds and skill sets, and artists have the freedom to create their pieces in whatever medium they prefer (acrylic painting, clay sculptures, videography, animations, etc.). There is no requirement to have any sort of neuroscience knowledge or background for this project.

Applications are open to everyone and can be found at They will close on Monday May 31st. The program will run from June 10th – Sept. 24th with optional biweekly worksessions and mandatory monthly progress check-ins. Come join an exciting community of artists this summer to grow your artistic skills, make new friends, get creative, and learn more about neuroscience. We look forward to your applications!

Please reach out to Allison or Olivia at with any questions.