Coyote Central Seeks Community Engagement Manager

Community Engagement Manager – Coyote Central Campus

Reports to: Program Director
40 hrs/wk; Exempt.
Starting Salary: $45,760 to $47,840
Benefits: 15 days of PTO to start; 7 paid holidays, plus a break around Christmas; 3 days of paid community service leave; $8,000 annual “bonus” (alternative to health benefit plan); 2% contribution to a Simple IRA; 8 weeks paid Family Leave
Application Deadline: September 19, 2021

Job Description for the Community Engagement Manager – Central Campus (CEM-Central)

The CEM-Central is responsible for building and nurturing relationships with students, families, and community organizations in the Central District and surrounding neighborhoods through an equity lens. They will take the lead role in outreach and recruiting, ensuring classes at Coyote Central are filled to capacity with particular focus on balancing outreach to both hard-to-reach families and full pay communities, keeping the diversity and sustainability thriving. In addition, they will prep and manage all weekend programming at our Central District campus. The CEM-Central will be the ‘it’ person for creating and upholding Coyote culture in the CD. Through listening to the needs of the community and potential partners, they will create and facilitate events that activate our space for community use.

We are looking for someone who:
– is self-motivated and boundlessly energetic
– has a robust internal fire and drive to connect and engage kids
– has a hunger for creativity and innovative problem-solving
– is an excellent communicator
– is highly organized and detail oriented
– exudes a strong sense of team mentality
– has a dynamic and warm personal vibe
– can relate to and is pumped about working with middle schoolers
– is personally committed to equity and inclusion

We are looking for someone with experience in:
– communicating in a wide variety of modalities and settings
– working with young people, especially teaching or mentoring in a classroom setting
– grassroots organizing and recruiting in diverse communities
– managing calendars and scheduling to track multiple tasks and roles at a time
– behavior management through restorative justice
– event coordination

This person will be responsible for:
– leading in-school classroom recruitment and tabling at school and community events
– filling Coyote Central Studio Coyote classes and supporting all registration efforts
– following up with families to ensure students have good attendance
– getting to know our family and student population deeply
– supporting weekend programming as the on-site host and managing weekend interns
– working with the Operations Manager to pull relevant data to track progress
– communicating with the Program Director about engagement initiatives, goals, and events
– understanding and clearly representing the Coyote mission, vision, values, and scope of programming
– understanding Coyote’s history of recruiting, including current and past partners – creating, recruiting for, and managing Coyote Central events targeted at engaging the community
– leveraging Coyote Central’s resources and spaces for partner organizations and community events

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