UW Grey Matters Journal seeks Art Submissions

Grey Matters Journal is the UW’s undergraduate neuroscience journal focused on increasing accessibility to neuroscience through publications and educational events. Each year, we hold an annual event, An Evening with Neuroscience (EWN), which focuses on connecting the general public with the exciting research and discoveries of the neuroscience field in an accessible manner. This year, EWN will feature an art gallery of neuroscience-themed pieces which is why we are reaching out to you!

We hope to display pieces created by artists of all different backgrounds. You are welcome to submit any neuroscience pieces that you have created in the past, as well as newly created artworks. Each artist is permitted to submit up to three pieces as well as descriptions of your inspiration/method for each piece. If you would like to promote your art social media, website, and/or personal store, we invite you to do that too! To submit your art, descriptions, and to tell us a bit more about yourself, please fill out the form below by April 6th, 11:59pm:


Generally, EWN is held in person at Kane Hall, where we gather with an audience of over 500 people. For the past two years, because of the pandemic, we have hosted EWN online via YouTube livestream. However, this year, we hope to host the event in-person and the date of EWN 2022 is set for May 6, 2022, from 6-9pm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at thalamus@uw.edu.

Even if you are unable to submit artwork, we hope to see you there!