Bricolage – Call for Student Work

We are Shea Formanes and Annie Melnick, the co-managing editors for Issue 41 of the Bricolage Literary and Visual Arts Journal at the University of Washington. Established over 40 years ago and founded upon virtues of literary collaboration, community building, and a desire to tell great stories, Bricolage is a student publication for and by UW students. Our staff of editors, coordinators, and volunteer reviewers are responsible for the entire publication process, and are dedicated to centering the work of the UW student body.
While we’re partnered with the English Department, we want to expand our outreach to everyone across the UW, especially to students from marginalized communities (particularly Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, LGBTQIA+ students, and/or any students with intersectional identities), who may not otherwise have the opportunity to publish their creative work.
That is where you come in.
Since our current submission deadline is fast approaching—Saturday, December 31st—we want to reach out to ask if you could circulate this email to your department and students, so anyone who may be interested can submit work to our journal.
This is an amazing opportunity to get your students’ original prose, poetry, and visual arts published in the 41st edition of our annual journal, designed to showcase the creativity and talent of individuals affiliated with the University of Washington. For more information about submissions, please visit

Additionally, if you’d like to get even more involved in Bricolage, we are also opening applications for volunteer prose, poetry, and visual arts reviewers for Issue 41 very soon! This is a great opportunity to meet people who are interested in the arts, familiarize yourself with the publication process, and make your voice heard at Bricolage.
Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please send an email to or message us on Instagram.