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At UW, I teach courses in Air Quality Engineering and in Grand Challenges.

Air Quality Engineering

Graduate course.

Introduction to air pollution problems and solutions, at scales ranging from local to global. Quantitative analysis of chemistry and physics of atmospheric pollutants. Main topics: sources, sinks, and controls; atmospheric transport and transformation; air quality management and regulation; health impacts.

Grand Challenges Impact Lab (GCIL)

Undergraduate and graduate course.

This course introduces students to design thinking and its application to global grand challenges. Students work in teams, and in collaboration with local organizations, to design sustainable solutions to improve health, environment, and/or quality of life in India. Students identify a problem they wish to work on, select a technology or a service, and design a financially self-sustaining business, serving a low-income community in India. At the end of the course, teams propose a financially self-sustaining solution to address the problem they focused on. Students from a variety of backgrounds -- for example, health, engineering, environment, policy, design, and business -- are encouraged to apply. The course is a study abroad course, in Bangalore, India.

More information is available on the GCIL website: https://www.gcil.uw.edu.