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Fed Up, an underground GI paper published at Fort Lewis.


GI Movement: Resources


Links to resources and archives about the history of the Vietnam-era GI movement, along with links to current GI and Veteran antiwar organizations.

Sir, No Sir!

A documentary film on the national GI Movement by David Zeiger and Displaced Films, Sir, No Sir! has collected an extensive and user-friendly online archive of documents, images, and newspapers.
For the film, click here
For the Library and Archive, click here


Iraq Veterans Against the War

IVAW was founded in 2004 by Iraq war veterans to give voice to active-duty servicepeople and veterans who oppose the war.


Coffee Strong GI coffeehouse

Coffee Strong, located near Fort Lewis in Tacoma, WA, is a G.I. coffeehouse and internet cafe owned and operated by G.I. Voice, an organization of Afghanistan and Iraq vets and civilian supporters. 

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